CNC Machining Services provided by Archer Machine Shop.
Specialization in nickel alloy, large part and pump/valve machining.

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Providing CNC machining services for Schlumberger
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CNC Machining Services – Rapid and Precise CNC Machined Parts and Components

Welcome to Archer Machine, a machine shop based in Maine where you can find theCNC machining servicesyou need. Our specialization focuses on machining high-temperature nickel alloy materials, be it small or large. We have extensive experience working with castings. We welcome you to our shop and can provide you with the bestmachining servicesthat you deserve. Our services include CNC milling,CNC machining, manufacturing engineering, and quality inspection.

Our company serves a wide range of industries including waterworks, oil and gas, maritime, DoD and armaments.

Machine Shop in Maine

If you have a turnkey production requirement or a batch of castings waiting to be machined, we are ready to serve you. We have gathered the area’s best machinist to do the highest quality of work for you. Ourmachine shoplocated in Limington, Maine is built to handle small to large part machining and are equipped to take care of it for you.

All orders from simple to complicated are welcome at Archer Machine. We are your ultimate one-stop machine shop. We not only serve the northeast region but also have customers throughout the US.

Cast Machining Services

With us, your bottom line will not just be efficient but also profitable. We strive to do our work efficiently and to your requirements. We strive for total satisfaction of every customer who has put their trust in our facility, and capabilities. Everything that we do here is intended to satisfy your needs as a customer, be it quality, delivery or communication.

Quality Machining Services

With a blend of experience, software and equipment we have created a state-of-the-art facility where a wide array of services and experienced professionals can help you with your project needs. Archer Machine can provide you with efficient, honest and quality machining services. Contact us with your project needss.