Machined Casting Services

Machined Casting Services

Castings and Forgings Machined To Meet Your Requirements

Working with castings as a raw material is one of our core strengths. Whether it falls in our large part machining our our small part machining process we have extensive experience. Roughly 80% of all our shipped machined components start as a casting or forging. That skillset combined with our extensive experience with nickel and high temperature alloys sets our machine shop apart from the rest.

Machining a casting requires a comprehensive approach to both the machining strategy as well as each individual piece of material. For production parts, fixturing and programming must be made with cast datums and allowances in mind so that individual casting or forging variations still fall within process capabilities yielding good parts.

For small run or individual piece machining of large castings, a complete layout must be done on every part so that stock and material allowances are known before any machining begins. These are some of the few safeguards that are second nature to process engineering and the machinists at Archer Machine. Utilize our years of experience and knowledge to machine your castings or forgings.

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