Why the NAVY chooses Archer Machine

Aerospace has its own set of supplier regulations and quality requirements. The medical industry has a version of its own. The NAVY has its own. Here at Archer Machine we have been supplying SubSafe Level 1 components for the NAVY since our founding in 1986. This means we provide machined components that are critical to the safety of the vessel and crew. The inspection requirements are greater and the acceptance of deviations is less than for any commercial project we have encountered. That means our quality system and our machinists are used to that level of exactitude. This allows the benefits of the stringent quality requirements to flow down through the facility allowing us to deliver into commercial requirements of varying complexity with comfort.

Aside from the quality program, many of the safety critical components we machine are from exotic metals like Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Titanium. Again, there is experience and talent here, developed over the years, that allows us to successfully supply components that are "difficult" to machine and have tight tolerances. When we transition that experience to our commercial customers the more common materials encountered in industry machine with relative ease.

Posted on Friday, April 21, 2017

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