Our Expertise Makes Us Top Choice in CNC Machining

Machined parts with stringent quality requirements or complex geometries and alloys are often times difficult to source. As with other industries, there are many individuals and shops that will gladly take on the simple shapes with relatively easy to achieve quality requirements. This is often because they lack the talent, depth or expertise throughout their organization to create an end to end process that successfully delivers the requirements.

When approaching new customers my favorite litmus test is to ask for their most difficult to machine part, the one they have the most vender rejects with as a way for us to prove our manufacturing process. Most buyers easily have that part or two on the top of their mind as it's the one keeping them up at night and are glad for the chance for someone to take it on.

Our process isn't a mystery or a secret, we simply get the right minds in the same room at different points in the process and have enough experience to recognize areas of concern before they become problems. By looking at each part or project as an end to end system we engineer around many issues other CNC machine shops run into.

Posted on Sunday, March 26, 2017

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