Overview Of Precision Machining Services We Offer

Machining Services – Our Specialty

Machining services are in demand as industries and companies compete for quality products and market-share. Archer Machine is the leading edge machine shop that you need for your business. From single to production work, from concept to mature product cost reductions, we provide effective value added machining services at Archer Machine.

Here is an overview of our core strengths:

Machining Services

Large Part Machining

We handle large sized parts with understanding and ease. We can turn shafts 20ft long and machine cubes of metal 6 ft square. We offer some of the largest machining capabilities in the northeast region of the US and have a customers throughout the entire USA.

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Machined Casting Services

Working with castings or forgings as a raw material is one of our core strengths. Whether it falls in our large part machining our our small part machining process we have extensive experience. Roughly 80% of all our shipped machined components start as a casting or forging.

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Hastelloy/Inconel Machining

High Temperature or Nickel Alloys including Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, K-Monel are used in many high end applications where temperature, or corrosion resistance factors are at play. Here at Archer Machine we are familiar with unique requirements these materials pose and are experts at machining them. This material family accounts for over half of all our machining volume. If you have a requirement involving any of these hard to work materials contact us, we are the experts.

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Pump and Valve Machining

Our company was founded to machine critical NAVY pump and valve components including Sub Safe Level 1 parts. Demanding commercial applications were a natural extension to that core competency. Today both military and commercial valve manufacturers makeup a key component to our customer base.

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ISO Quality Machining

We take time in giving you a high-quality process that gives you the edge in the machine projects that you have. Our machining process follows ISO quality standards viewed by many in the industry as a gold standard benchmark.

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