Pump/Valve Machining

Pump and Valve Machined Components

Archer Machine was founded to machine critical NAVY pump and valve components including Sub Safe Level 1 parts. Demanding commercial applications were a natural extension to that core competency. Today both military and commercial valve manufacturers makeup a key component to our customer base.

Trends towards high performance / long lasting valves with quick turnaround drives today's marketplace. We want to partner with you as you upgrade your supply chain to meet your customer's needs. Whether it's sourcing on legacy rotary vane pumps casings and impellers or critical NAVY ball valves or aerospace gerotor pumps we have the experience and quality systems in place that you need.

Pump Repair Machining

We are an extension of your manufacturing floor.

Customers see reduced lead time by using our facility as an extension of their floor by drop shipping raw castings or forgings for short and medium term domiciling. We receive the raw material into our system and send notification to you when it arrives. When you need a finish machined component, simply call up, we will pull the raw material from our shelf and insert it into the production schedule. Your manufacturing floor is freed up for assembly and post assembly operations while reducing lead times by maintaining a high turn level of raw material within machining reach.

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