Why Choose Archer Machine for Precision Machining Services

Why Choose Us at Archer Machine Shop in Maine

The Right Team For Your Project

The strength of a business is defined with what it can provide for its customers. Here at Archer Machine, we aim to be the machine shop that you can rely on. We take pride with the capabilities we have and the excellent services we have to offer for each customer. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience in our shop.

If you are asking why we are your best choice, here is why.

Expert Precision Machining

Whether it’s machining large complex parts from exotic alloys or simple production runs – we can handle the project for you with precision. We specialize in milling and turning corrosive resistant and high-temperature nickel alloys. We have the capabilities to handle large and heavy parts.

Rest assured that when you entrust a project to us, we will not just accommodate the work we will see that it’s completed with confidence and accuracy throughout all of the process steps.

Fully Equipped Machine Shop/Facilities

Our machine shop is fully equipped with the personnel, software and machines to deliver the best result for you. Our Milling and Turning machines have large size capacity. With us, no project is too small or too large. Our leading edge facility has the room to welcome your projects.

Personalized Services

Be it on production runs or single piece – we will be communicating and delivering an excellent service to you. We offer manufacturing engineering in along with our value-add machine shop.

Our goal is to develop strong relationships with our customers. To do that we understand that on-time delivery, quality and communication are all key. Understanding your business and your needs is key to long term customer success.

Quality Work

Quality at Archer Machine encompases all facets of the business; from the pre-machining process to making sure the parts are to print and order requirements, from quote turnaround response to ontime delivery. Quality is a repeatable process and is visible in every single project that we do.